Friday, December 5, 2008

Smitten :o)

Two days ago, I was in tears, convinced that I was a crazy person for ever having a second child and that I was just not cut out to be a mother. It was a rough day.

Today, after two splendid days with my kids, I'm once again certain that I am the mother of the two sweetest, cutest little girls in all the world.

Cora is a flippin' riot. She's so smart! She understands nearly all of what we're saying, I'm sure, but pretends not to because she can still get away with it. I'm teaching her a terrible habit, because every time she does something and I tell her not to, and she gives me that cute little "I'm sorry, I don't understand what you're saying" look and proceeds to do it anyway, I just laugh. How can I not? She's just too stinkin' cute. She's going to get away with anything she wants, I can see it already.


As would any responsible mother, I have tried to instill a general appreciation for healthy foods in my girls.

I have failed miserably.

They are both candy-holics! How on earth did this happen? In a house filled with fresh grapes, bananas, oranges, apples, and carrots, and whole wheat breads and organic snacks, they are able to find every single piece of processed sugar in the house. They're both also mastering the "wear down your enemy" tactic. "Mom, can I have candy?" "No, not until after lunch." "Mom, can I have candy?" (five minutes later.) By the fiftieth time, I've either yelled, threatened to throw away every piece of candy in the house, or given in. Sadly, the latter is probably the most common. And it's not any better with Cora, who has the exact same wants, just not so many words. "Uh?" (She points to the candy, smacks herself on the head, and does the sign for 'more'.) "No, Cora, you have to wait until after lunch." (A toddler-tantrum ensues, with her face down on the floor and whimpering, or saying "Hmphh.")

Of the four advent calendars in our home, none of them has the proper number of candies left. Chloe actually got a time out the other day for sneaking life savers off of one of them. Cora realized earlier that I'd hung some candy canes on the Christmas tree. She proceeded to try climbing the tree, and when she realized that was a futile attempt, she retrieved the stool from the bathroom to try and get up just a little higher. I can't stop them! It's as though they crave sugar! (My mother-in-law would probably cry if she saw them.)

Since it's Christmastime, there are little jars of candy here and there all over the house. Cora can tell you where each of them is.

"I'm not going after the candy, Mom!" (Note the jar of candy near the lamp on the end table...)

"I'm just here to snuggle with Isabel."

"Ha ha! Tricked ya!" (This is where I should scold her... but isn't she just so cute?!)

I tried, but failed, to get a good picture of my goofy kid walking around with stolen chocolates, still wrapped, in her mouth. So I'm sharing the not-so-good picture.

She knew there was chocolate inside. She just couldn't figure out how to get to it. Until...

Yep, wrapper and all. See, I told you! My kids are candy-holics. So much so that they'll even eat wrappers. I hope that gold foil isn't toxic...


Deb said...

That is so funny..... thanks for sharing! LOLOL I can't keep candy dishes at my house either.... I'LL EAT THEM ALL!!! I'm quite the processed sugarholic too!

I love that you have 4 advent calendars... there's hope for you yet! LOLOL

Merry Christmas!

allykitty5 said...

Yeah candy... ugh. Ya know the picture in my blog of Andrew's halloween stash? He might've eaten 2 or 3 pieces. I ate the rest. LOL