Sunday, December 21, 2008


When we went to see Twilight in the theater a couple of weeks ago, I couldn't help but notice all of the wonderful knitted items the actors were wearing, and I was enthralled with Bella's mittens. I've been lusting after them ever since, but didn't figure I'd ever be able to suss out a pattern for them, and then..... ta da! Check these out. Aren't they awesome!? I NEED those mittens. I've knitted so many things for other people lately, I've decided I deserve to make something for myself.


Chloe went to Mark's Friday night, and got home Saturday morning. I asked her "How was your dad's house", just like I always do. She said "Good, but we didn't go to my dad's house. We spent the night at silver Grammy's house." Then she laughed, "It was funny. Even B was there." B is the cat. Now, is it just me, or is it a little strange that they would take the cat over there for a slumber party? I asked her some other questions: Were all of her things there? She said most of her things were in Grammy's garage, but all of Quinn's toys were there. Hmm. That coupled with the fact that he recently got a cell phone, which I just realized is his mother's old cell number helped me put two and two together.

He's living with his mother now, along with his girlfriend and their baby. I called him to confirm it. His reason? "My mom was having a hard time paying all of her bills, so we moved in to help her out." Oh, for the love of God, why can't he at LEAST accept responsibility for himself and stop putting everything on someone else? I'm kind of in shock, I'm kind of gloating, and I'm kind of irritated. I can't help but snicker a little bit, ya know? When he and I were married, we'd just bought a house. I had to drag him out of bed, force him to look for work, but I did, and we got along alright. As soon as I left, he lost the house, lost his car, eventually got evicted from one apartment, and now apparently lost another. He has very little left in his life. I wonder how long his girlfriend will hold out before she realizes he's a loser and leaves him.

He asked yesterday if he could have Chloe during the day for awhile on Christmas Eve. I told him I'd check our schedule and get back to him, then called him later to tell him he could have her the day after Christmas instead. He didn't argue. He's given up on thinking he has any rights, I think. He hasn't paid child support in a year, so it's up to like 3 grand. He's never provided health insurance for her, like the court order says he has to. And ya know, the more I stand up to him and tell him how it's going to be, the easier it gets. For five years I tiptoed around, doing everything I could to keep him happy so I wouldn't have to deal with the stormy little tantrums he'd have. It's taken some practice for me to realize I dont' have to do that any more. And it feels great.


Meg said...

I absolutely love those mittens! Enjoy!! I wish I had your talent at knitting... maybe I will have to try my hand at it sometime. What's simplest to make for beginners?

Lover of lives... said...


The mittens really are lovely. I love how high up they go! I didn't see the movie but love love love the mittens...