Tuesday, December 16, 2008

so about me saying I love snow... let me edit that slightly.

I love it when there is enough snow to play in - to build snow men, snow angels, snowball fights, all that fun stuff.

Snow just irritates me when there is just enough to make it slick outside, and then freezes solid.

We're supposed to be having this huge snowstorm right now. The sky is all aglow and sort of tinted pink, a sure sign of snow. But there isn't enough falling to make a difference, except that I fell on my rear end trying to walk to the trash can.


I want it to dump 8 inches on us. Oh but wait.... this is the desert. Not likely.


I got all of my Christmas cards addressed and ready last night. I have to pick up our holiday pictures from Wal Mart today (we took our own, at my parents' house Sunday.) I'll post the pictures soon.

Ashley came by on Sunday and asked if I'd make a hat for her friend's mom for Christmas. Why do people wait until the last minute to make requests like that? :::sigh::: And of course, I told her I'd do it. What's one more hat? Except that I still have another hat to finish, and a sock... Ah well, I perform well under pressure.


A couple times a year, I bake sugar cookies. The kind with lots of different colored frostings, sprinkles and glitter and candies. That's usually enough to remind me for several months how much I hate making sugar cookies.

I didn't understand it at first - decorating sugar cookies is one of my very favorite holiday memories from when I was a kid. Why do I hate it so much now? Then I remembered... I'm the mom now. I have to bake the cookies, clean up the mess, make the frosting, clean up the mess, frost the cookies (with help from little girls), clean up the mess....

It was much cooler when I was little, and all I had to do was frost the cookies. I wish my mom would come over and do all the other yucky stuff for me. :oP


Andrew told me last night it looks like they're taking away his weeks off again, probably permanently this time. I'm disappointed. I love his weeks off. I love traveling and camping and having lots of down time to just enjoy each other. I've gotten very spoiled - what on earth do people do when they don't have weeks off? How do they find time to do fun things? I absolutely refuse to do anything on weekends, since I'm anti-social. They might end up with a rotating 6 on, 3 off schedule. I suppose it would be bearable, but I'm still not happy about it. :o(

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Deb said...

I love reading your blogs. They make me laugh! Laughter is a GOOD thing!!! Thank you, Julie...

Merry Christmas!