Friday, December 5, 2008

Finally, some recent FO's

It's been awhile since I took any pictures of stuff! I forgot to take a photo of my little brother's hat, I'll have to do that later.

Here's Tori's scarf. I hate fun fur. It's perfect for a little girl though.

Lionbrand Fun Fur prints, size 15 needles, 18 sts, plain knitting.

Taylor's sock (I'm working on the second one now.)

Red Heart Heart&Sole, pastel watercolors colorway, size 1 needles, using Stephanie Pearl-McPhee's "basic sock recipe".

I made my kids Christmas aprons, just 'cuz I can. I want to make one for me, too. :o)

The Uber-comfy sweater. (I finished this back when Andrew was hunting.)
Size 10 needles, Lionbrand Homespun in "Tudor". Standard women's size 34 raglan top-down seamless sweater, pattern created as an experiment in KnitWare.

Ashley's Foliage hat:

She's been asking for me to knit her something since I met her. Her birthday is Monday.

Foliage, from, chunky yarn size. Size 10.5 needles, Lamb's Pride Superwash Bulky.

That's all for now. :o)


Deb said...

Okay, so what does FO mean? And once again, I am amazed at your talent!!! You are too cool for words...

Julie said...

Ahh yes, knitting acronyms:

FO: Finished Object
UFO: Unfinished Object (of which I have dozens)
LYS: Local Yarn Store

Ah, there are dozens, that only make sense to those of us crazy enough to be obsessed with making things out of very long pieces of string and two pointy sticks. ;o)

allykitty5 said...

Those are awesome! The socks look totally professional!

Deb said...

Thanks for the education! I was wracking my brain and just couldn't figure it out! LOL I'm just not a person who makes things out of long pieces of string and 2 pointy sticks..... lolol. I will leave that to the expert - YOU!