Saturday, March 7, 2009

A good week

Overall, it's been a darn good week. The sun has been shining (aside from the snow we woke up to today), the girls have been good and cute and happy, and I've been comfortably productive.

I got the early stuff planted in the garden this week - peas, broccoli, lettuce and spinach. The light snow we got today will be perfect to keep them evenly moist and hopefully encourage sprouting. Chloe helped with the peas - she's excited to be gardening again too.

I started the second mitten for Amber. I'm hoping once I finish this, I'll be inspired to start something new. Right now, I'm just not in the mood to knit. How did this happen? This has never happened. In the meantime though, I've been having a great time scrapbooking our Mexico vacation and making plans for other pages. I need to get caught up - I'm way too behind right now on my scrapbooks.

Neither of my girls are in perfect health right now, and that's a little bit stressful. I think Chloe has an ear infection. She's never had one before - I've never dealt with one before - so I'm a little at a loss as to what to do for her. She told me last night her ear was hurting and then pretty much cried herself to sleep all the while holding and hitting her ear. :o( I slept on the pull-out couch with her last night, thereby assuring I wouldn't get a wink of sleep. She's also still coughing so much she gags herself on occasion, and isn't sleeping well either. Poor girl.

And Cora's had diarrhea now since she was on that horrible antibiotic for her impetigo. If I can keep enough acidophillus in her system then it clears up, but it's hard to do- she doesn't seem to like it much, even when mixed with applesauce or whatever. And of course with diarrhea comes a miserable diaper rash. Yesterday she was begging me to help her poop on the potty so she wouldn't have to do it in her diaper, but when she sat down she got scared, and then just cried and asked for her diaper again. Poor kid, she starts wailing right before she's about to go. It's sad.

So hopefully both of them start feeling better soon. Thankfully, despite their ailments, they are pretty happy during the day. Yesterday we sat out in the front yard for three and a half hours. I went through curriculum and reviewed the scope and sequence for first grade, I knitted for awhile, and played kick ball. Cora had herself a little picnic (all of her own accord. Where does she learn things like this?) and Chloe played happily with her little animal figures. Have I mentioned how glad I am that it's mostly spring? :o)

And my husband still has a job, and is at least getting some hours.

So yeah, it's been a good week as far as I'm concerned. Today we have no school, so we'll sit around and watch Saturday morning cartoons and relax and cuddle all morning.

Some photos from yesterday - picnic time:

Silly girl - her hair is always hanging in her face like this. Makes me crazy, but it sure doesn't seem to bother her.

And my little ham. As soon as she sees a camera, it's "tease!" I find it fascinating how much personality such a small little person can have.


Katey said...

I am not jealous that you have GRASS and all we have is WHITE! NOT ME!

Penny said...


Don't let the ear infection go on much longer. I'd have her checked at the doctors office. If left unchecked, she could suffer hearing loss and/or infection elsewhere. Please have her checked.

Julie said...

Hi Penny! Thanks for the comment - long time no 'see'. :o) Chloe seems to be fine - the next day she woke up and said her ear felt better, and aside from the never ending cough, seems to feel quite well. Otherwise my plan was to take her in today, but it didn't seem necessary.

thanks, though!

Dani said...

I'm glad Chloe's feeling better, Jules!!!

Look at this post..there's something for you..