Friday, March 27, 2009


Wanna know how much of a dork I am? I read cookbooks for fun. Seriously.

I pick up a couple of cookbooks at the library each time I go, just to flip through and see what sounds good. I love finding cookbooks at yard sales or used book sales. I'll sit down for lunch and flip through a cookbook while I eat. Is that weird?

But ya know what drives me crazy? I can never remember what recipes are in what books, what sounded good, or what recipes call for what ingredients that I might already have on hand. I wish sincerely that there was a way to organize all of my recipes from all of my cookbooks so they were easier to find. It seems like I ought to be able to make a Word document or something where I can just search for, say, "sausage" and have it pull up all the recipes that use sausage. Ya know? It just seems like I'd get more use out of things if I had something like that. Anyone have any suggestions for me?


While Ashley was here, I chopped up a T-shirt for her. It was from a strip club back in Michigan and it was huge. Much cuter now. She likes it.


Chloe's got another little pet living with us:

That's Sally. As far as we can tell, she's a corn ear worm larva. I'm amazed she's even alive - Chloe pulls her out and plays with her fifteen times a day at least. We had fun watching her eat this lettuce last night, watching her tiny little mouth move. I'd love it if she survived long enough to make a cocoon and become a moth, but I'm not holding my breath.

This definitely counts as a week's worth of science class. :o)


We had a big wind storm last week and it blew down our fence. I felt compelled to take a picture:

It's a very old fence, so it's no big surprise that it fell over. It's now held together with some extra bits of wood screwed crosswise into it holding it to the panels that remained standing. Definitely time to replace the fence.


Girly girls:

Big sis is giving her baby sister a manicure. Is there anything cuter?

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LOVE the girlys being girlys!