Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Li'l bits

Misc. Mexico bits:

The guide, Arturro, for our Nohoch Cenote tour, announced as we were leaving the hotel, "We will go to the ocean, and we will make snorkel." Thinking of that still makes me giggle. Making snorkel is fun. :o)

As we were pulling off of our street in Grand Junction at midnight Saturday to drive to Denver, and I was running through all of the necessities that may have been left behind in my head, I asked Andrew, "You do have your passport, right?" He immediately swung a wide U-turn and headed back toward the house. LOL And he's the responsible one.

On the interstate on the way out of town Kenny Chesney's "Beer in Mexico" came on the radio. That's been my ringtone for the past month.

And then shortly after that, we saw a falling star, the first one I've ever seen.

Those were my three signs that we were going to have a perfect trip. Gotta remember to scrapbook that.


For dinner tonight, I served my children TV dinners, and even ate one myself. I've never done that before. Oh my goodness, what convenience! You just throw everything away, wash some forks, and dinner's done. Fascinating. Lazy, but kind of cool. It won't become a habit - that food was terrible.


And it really didn't seem like a good idea when Chloe coughed so hard that it all came back up. On the couch. If you have a child with long hair, and she's coughing really hard, pull her hair back. Otherwise you will be washing and scrubbing and picking little bits of throw-up out of her hair for the rest of the night. Trust me.

All was good and well - I cleaned it up with the closest thing possible, a baby blanket, and got Chloe in the tub. I set the blanket on the floor by the toilet to be cleaned up later, and started scrubbing Chloe. Then Cora came in to investigate, picked up the blanket and smeared vomit all over the floor, wall, toilet, and herself. Into the tub she went with her sister while I mopped all of that up. I'm amazed that I didn't gag myself, but I managed. Got the girls cleaned, dried and dressed and went back to clean up the towels. I was getting ready start a necessary load of laundry when Cora came in pointing at her diaper and saying "uh oh." Awesome. A diaper full of runny diarrhea... running down her leg into her footie jammies and out the top of the diaper too.

I know it wasn't the TV dinners, but maybe that's a hint I shouldn't buy those too frequently, just in case. :oP

And just for good measure, the dog has gas. What a night.


Andrew got the garden tilled yesterday. I put all the stepping stones back out to create 5' square beds, and drew out the garden plan. I have high hopes this year for the garden, we'll see how well it goes. I planted some lettuce today, and need to buy broccoli, peas and spinach tomorrow and hurry and get them in. I'm thankful for a long growing season.

It was 72 degrees today. It's amazing what some warmth and sunshine can do for the spirits. Between coming back from vacation and spring arriving, I just feel good. It's so nice. I hope everyone out there is getting some warmer weather and is feeling great too.



Kim said...

Not so much warm (it's been about 10), but it's been SUNNY!!! I'll take that anyday :)

Katey said...

it is not nice to boast about 70 degree weather when your friends are under a winter storm warning for 6 inches of white crap!!

Glad your trip was fun though