Friday, March 6, 2009

Halliburton in the News

We knew they were laying people off - we were thinking more like a few dozen though.

Halliburton in the News

Now they're saying up to 300, though who knows if that's accurate or not. That's a huge number. I'm so thankful Andrew had to get up at 2 am for work today.

We made our way through the past year's finances yesterday to get an idea of where we spend our money and where we can cut back if we need to. It'll be interesting.

Ya know what I keep thinking though? Is it possible that in the end, a huge depression might not be a bad thing for humanity? We live such an extravagant life - nearly all of us do, especially here in America. (I'm not including the poor in that statement. I'm talking about the middle and upper class families.) We have so much, and it sometimes feels like we don't know when to stop. Maybe an economy crash will put things back into perspective, maybe it will make us live a little bit more reasonably. I'm as guilty as the next guy of having too much, wanting too much, being smitten with this life that revolves so often around material things. Want something, need something? No problem - go buy it. It's an easy thing to get swept up in, though it goes against my core values. I don't doubt an economic recession will be a tough thing for our nation to deal with - especially if it lasts 10 years or more like the last one. But I wonder if maybe it'll put life more in perspective for people at the end of it all. Does that make sense? It seems like a more complicated thought than what I can say with words.

Anyway, I'm off to the races - skipping the gym today to get more accomplished at home and let my poor, tired body take a break. Chloe's been coughing half the night still, and sounds terrible. She just lays there and wimpers, it breaks my heart. Robitussin finally seemed to do the trick last night when the homeopathic honey-based cough syrup didn't.

So yeah, lots to do, and still a little girl who doesn't feel great. I better get moving!

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