Monday, March 30, 2009

What has she got that I don't?

I've decided to jump on the Flylady bandwagon again. It happens a couple times a year. I rarely last more than a couple of weeks. I get a Control Journal all made up, I get all motivated and inspired... and then I give up about a week later when I get sick of the emails. But whatever. It sounded like fun.

So when Chloe asked what there was to do today, I suggested we take a look at the Flylady website. Today's tasks involved cleaning under the couch cushions and some detailed cleaning in the living room: washing the windows, straightening bookshelves and dusting off cobwebs. The child was thrilled! When we were done, she asked "What else does Flylady want us to do today?" I told her we were finished. "Can we do more Flylady tomorrow?" I assured her we could. "I'm going to wake you up extra early tomorrow so we can see what Flylady wants us to clean, okay?"

Sheesh! I ask the kid fifty times a day to clean something, anything, and she whines and complains the whole darn time. But give her a cartoon lady with wings and suddenly washing windows is the coolest thing she's ever done.


I took some pictures of Miss Personality the other day, and some were cute enough to post.


I'm still doing my Life Makeover thing (I got the book on Paperback Swap, yay!) This week's Take Action Challenge is very action oriented - identify five things in your life that are draining your energy and fix them. Among other things I'm organizing and cleaning the entire house, and finishing up some projects that have been sitting for too long.

I finished Amber's gloves (finally.)

I painted a shelf for the girls' room that's been sitting around for three years because I've been too lazy to slap a coat of red paint on it. Now I just need to hang it...


For some strange reason it felt like I had an abundance of time today. That's not a common occurrence, and I really quite liked it. I got my whole house cleaned: floors swept, mopped and vaccuumed, mirrors and windows cleaned, trashes taken out, sheets washed, etc. I went to the post office, took the girls to the mall play area to play for nearly an hour, baked cookies with both of them helping which takes three times as long (since there's three of us working, I suppose). I sewed for nearly three hours while the girls did as they pleased with a big box full of art supplies (the result was a chicken puppet, chicken mask, dog puppet, dog mask, a paper full of Color Wonder finger paints, and a floor covered in brightly covered feathers.) We did school work, played in the snow, remade the bed with clean sheets, and sang Princess songs while dancing around the living room, and still had time to make dinner and clean up the kitchen afterward. Oh, and I only smoked two cigarettes since I'm supposed to be quitting (and I didn't kill or maim anyone today, which should be counted as a significant accomplishment.) I'm not sure where all the time and energy came from today, but it would be swell if it'd stick around for awhile.


I'm dying to show someone pictures of the dress I made today, but I want to wait until I have someone other than Chloe to take pictures, and maybe a day nice enough to take them outside instead of my dark bedroom. I'm excited that i finally made something... it's been awhile since I've felt like it.

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