Friday, August 7, 2009

alfalfa sprouts and other bits

Chloe has a tendency to want things and get pouty when she doesn't get them. What really irks me is that we can be doing something great, or she could have just gotten something new... but she wants more. Last night at Farmer's Market she got her face painted, got to eat ice cream, got to do a craft project, eat plums and snack on bread samples... but she pouted because I didn't let her do something else (I don't even remember what it was.)

I've been trying to train her to replace pouting and wanting with a Grateful Statement. I may be getting through to her. After she whined about not getting to do X activity, I gave her "the look" and instead she said "Thank you for taking me to Farmer's Market and letting me get my face painted." I'm glad she remembered without me telling her. The lack of gratefulness in today's children (my own included, spoiled as they are!) makes me crazy.


Andrew's back to working his old hours... that is it say, we haven't seen him much. His schedule is all over the place, but mostly it's about 2 am until 6 or 7 pm. He comes home, eats dinner, and goes to bed. And he hasn't had a day off in two weeks. BUT he's off this weekend. I'm so glad. We need it. I miss him! I won't complain about his hours - we're lucky he has a job, and we're lucky he's not cut back to 40 hours a week like some guys in his company. I'm ready for him to have a day off though, for sure!


Have you ever tried growing alfalfa sprouts? It's super easy, and fun. We bought the seeds at Vitamin Cottage (a health food store) for about $3. I'm not sure the quantity, but they'll last for a long time. It only takes a teaspoon of seeds to make a batch. Directions can be found here. It's an interesting little project and Chloe thought it was pretty cool. I still can't convince Cora that's not hairs in her salad though. :o)

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Just Me said...

ooooo, I love alfalfa sprout. They are great on salad or a sandwich with avacado. I may have to give it a try, even though my ability to kill plants by being near them is staggering.