Friday, August 28, 2009

THAT child.

My toddler has turned into THAT child. You know the one - the one you cringe at and want to protect your children from.


Okay. She's not that bad. She had "an incident".

My dear and new friend Katie came over yesterday with her two kids. Cora spent the afternoon playing mommy to her precious little six-month old baby girl. All was good and well - there is nothing that makes my little mommy happier than having a real baby to take care of and play with. And then, with no warning whatsoever, my adorable little toddler leaned over and ever so sweetly BIT the baby's finger. She bit her! That poor baby!

It wasn't malicious. I don't think she's a biter now... I hope. Oh, how I hope. I swear, she just wanted to see what happened if you bit someone's finger. (Why she couldn't test this out on her sister, who probably actually deserves it, I'll never know.) She felt terrible - I made sure of that. She knew what she did was wrong as soon as she did it and saw the reactions of both mommies and the baby.

I've been the Mommy on the receiving end of that though - someone once bit Chloe, totally undeserved. I didn't hold it against her too severely, but it did bother me a whole lot.

And then, to help me feel just a little bit better...

We're at Farmer's Market sitting in line at the face painting lady amongst many other small little girls and their families. Chloe starts jabbering to someone's grandma, telling her this, telling her that. Then she points to Cora and says, "That's my sister. She's two. She bit someone's baby today."

Two minutes later she's talking to someone else, someone who has a sweet little baby girl in a stroller. "That's my sister. She's two. She bites people's babies." The woman smiles that creeped-out, kind of scared sort of smile and backs the baby slowly away from my toddler's mouthful of teeth.

I really don't want to be the parent of THAT child. I hope I'm not already there and just still in denial. :o\


Just Me said...


I understand. My kids have once in a while done things that really made me cringe and stress.

I doubt Cora will be biting anyone else anytime soon.

Wendy said...

LOL!! That's so funny! She bites babies...

I left you a meme award on my blog...

It's Jan! said...

At least she didn't say 'tastes' or 'eats' to strangers.

Yay Chloe! Just taking the other day about the things kids say. Remembering the day my now 39 year old daughter asked to someone to pet their pig.

What pig? Surely there was one...she heard Mom say they lived in a pig sty!

Bites babies...I get a chuckle out of it every time I think of it. That's what you get for raising an intelligent, outgoing child!

Crazy Homeschool Mama said...

hot sauce on the tongue to cure her...not biting back like my girlfriend did and left a HGE bruise on her sons cheek he is 20 now though and was not scarred....oh and Joey like anything spicy now :)