Wednesday, August 12, 2009

More on -Going-

Wendy made a comment I wanted to mention and elaborate on:

"Interesting thought on the going and going - I find I need to be like 80% of full capacity busy or I get bored and pick fights with my husband. However, this quickly goes over 100% and then I get stressed. I think it's important to understand the amount of "busyness" that is right for us! I've only recently discovered my 80% rule."

I pretty much agree with that statement. I think that my version of "going" is different from others'. I stay home most of the time, I'm comfortable here, but I still don't have much "down time" like others do. Between my kids, keeping house, and my abundance of hobbies, I'm usually at about 90% busy. I go crazy if there's not something needing to be done, but I get overwhelmed if there's too much... but isn't it that way for all of us? I don't need to be out of the house to feel busy though, while others prefer that lifestyle. That's all I'm sayin'. There's no sitting around and relaxing going on here! LOL!


Speaking of relaxing, I picked up some Kava Kava root at Vitamin Cottage yesterday. It's supposed to "support relaxation". I've read that it kind of makes you feel like you're high. Mostly I want something to help me deal with anxiety that's not a chemical drug. I took some yesterday afternoon (it's a tincture, you take drops of it in water.) I definitely felt relaxed, not really stoned though. I was perfectly functional, just not stressed out. I plan to keep it around for those days when I'm just a little more anxious/stressed than I ought to be, to keep me from snapping at my kids or husband.


Miss Chloe has developed an ability to have a stomach ache on command. If she's served something she doesn't care to eat at dinnertime, if she's asked to clean up her toys, or if it's time to do math, suddenly her stomach hurts and she needs to lay down. Amazingly though, as soon as it's time to go swimming or to the park she feels just fine. Hmm.

So today, if she doesn't feel well enough to do her math after breakfast, I'll assume she's too sick to go to the library and then swimming with friends. Wouldn't want to make her go out and do all that physical activity if she's not feeling well, ya know? We'll see how she's feeling in an hour or so. :o)

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