Thursday, August 20, 2009


I made the girls a "picnic snack" today. I've done it a few times now - it's tremendous fun.

I pack little bits of snacks that they don't always get and I hide them all wrapped up in napkins or in little containers so they get to open each one up separately and it's sort of a surprise. I put inside the basket dried papaya spears, crackers and peanut butter, dried apples, a handful of mini-marshmallows and as a special treat, a Hershey's bar I found in the cupboard. Add some cups and a bottle of water (that they get to pour themselves,) and some fancy clothes and hats, and it makes for a good time!

If I were a great mother - which I will never claim to be - I'd have sat out there with them while they enjoyed the treats, or maybe have even shared them.

But I'm not a great mother, so I took a handful of really great photos and then I escaped inside to enjoy 20 minutes of quiet while I watched them out the front window.


It's Jan! said...

Not a great mother? Hmmmmm, you are entitled to your own opinion, I suppose.

I'll just say this: Wish you were mine!

Wendy said...

ha ha ha! I laughed out loud at the last part. Anyone who makes such fun for the kids is a great mother - so is anyone who realizes that she needs a break from time to time as well! :)

Crazy Homeschool Mama said...


Just Me said...

You are a great mother! You can make something as simple as an afternoon snack in a lot of fun and a great memory for your girls.