Wednesday, August 5, 2009


We harvested a pound of carrots tonight. Is it really worth it - the work it takes to plant the seeds, tend them carefully as they germinate, thin them, water them every night for three months, and then dig them tenderly from the soil? Carrots only cost .50 a pound on average.

Of COURSE it's worth it! Between the squeals of delight at the giant orange roots (my own squeals, mind you, not the children) the "treasure hunt" feel of picking out only the best, and watching my children fight over who got to eat the first one (still covered in dirt, and not rinsed before the first bite) it was absolutely worth the work.

Carrots aren't easy. They are awful to sprout, especially in our heat. They take an enormous amount of patience (which I don't possess) and they don't get nearly as big as the store-bought ones. (the ones in the photo are half-longs, they are supposed to be squat-looking.)

Next year, with some experience under my belt, I should be able to get a decent harvest. As it stands, we'll have this pound and maybe two more. But it was fun. Digging root crops is a very satisfying pastime.


Today was my mom's birthday. We found her this frame/chalk board that was perfect. Such a neat little "sit on the shelf and collect dust" kind of thing that she loves to decorate with.

And as I was wrapping it, searching for some twine to tie it up, Cora picked it up, dropped it, and broke it into three pieces. i was so sad. She put her face down on the floor and kept saying "Shorry. Shorry. Break. Shorry." She felt terrible. So instead, all Grammy got was a visit from her daughter and granddaughters (and a picture frame Chloe made from popsicle sticks, acrylic paint, wood glue and silk flowers.) Poor Grammy. And poor Cora. It made for a rough morning.

We made up for it by playing with Barbies ALL afternoon - at first with Mommy, and then they just played by themselves. For three hours. THREE HOURS of entertaining themselves, no arguing, no fighting, no needing snacks or fresh diapers or juice or attention. It was FABULOUS.

What started out pretty awful ended pretty great. Love days like that. :o)


I've been told a few times lately that my blogging is missed. Makes me feel loved. ;o) I'll try- finding time to do anything with a toddler is pretty tough though!

Misc. Chloe-ism: "I have something kinky in my pants." :o)

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Kim said...

I harvested about 10 carrots tonight... you're right, they are a lot of work! I didn't thin mine, though I should have. Next year I will. But it does take skill and patience to dig them out of the ground! I still have dirt under my fingernails LOL Thanks for the tip on how to sow the seeds though (toilet paper)... it worked smashingly!!