Sunday, August 23, 2009

Reasons I hate birthday parties.

1. I become convinced, within 30 minutes of the start of the party, that everyone thinks I suck.

2. I always make too much food, which means we eat party leftovers for a week. This year we had a luau - fruit and pork are on the menu, breakfast, lunch and dinner,for the next six days.

3. I hate it when people feel obligated to buy my child presents. I appreciate them, tremendously, but I still hate the way it feels.

4. I always worry about whether we will have enough people. And then when enough people confirm attendance, I worry about having too many.

5. I'm not allowed to get drunk if I'm the one hosting the party.

6. The day of the party I turn into "Hostess-zilla" and begin ordering my poor husband around as if he were a scullery maid, throwing mini- temper tantrums if he has The Nerve to sit down for a break or doesn't do something just as I might have, and then dealing with the guilt from my behavior afterward.

7. Decorating birthday cakes is akin to leg-hair removal by tweezers. It's tedious and painful.

8. Stress! Stress about everything! Stress about the people, stress about the food, stress about cleaning the house, stress about flippin' everything.


That said, the party was pretty much a success. I'll post pictures tomorrow. :o)


Dani aka Super Mom said...

You stress too much over parties!!! They are supposed to be fun, especially kid parties!!!

Just Me said...

Well, I didn't feel the least bit obligated to buy Cora a present. We did because we wanted to. She's adorable and sweet, and it gives me someone to buy cutesy girl things for, since I only have boys.

Wendy said...

I totally relate to #6! Sounds like the party was fantastic though! I think Martha Stewart (or some other cook/hostess person) said something about how as a hostess, you need to relax and have fun b/c if you're running around trying to make everything perfect, your guests sense that, and it changes the dynamic a bit. I think that sort of puts things in perspective. I personally DO feel obligated to buy a gift (that's just reality), but never mind doing so. It's fun! On the receiving end, we get way to much worthless crap (not to be unappreciative or anything!) but I think that's OK too b/c they don't usually get a lot of worthless crap, so it's just so fun for them too, you know? It's all good! Happy belated!