Monday, March 22, 2010

Adventures in Homemaking - Yogurt Soup

I attempted yogurt making for the first time this weekend. It wasn't exactly what I'd call successful. It didn't set much... well, at all really. I know homemade yogurt isn't as thick as store bought yogurt because it doesn't have all the additives like pectin and tapioca, but I'm pretty sure it gets thicker than this.

I followed the crock pot method. I feel like it wasn't exact enough - no measuring the temperature of the milk, etc. I'm going to try the standard method of heating the milk, then culturing it, then putting it in a cooler full of hot water bottles to keep it warm, and we'll see how that goes.

The other thing that could've caused trouble is that I couldn't find plain yogurt in any store I looked in. I got the closest I could - only milk and pectin, made by Dannon - but it wasn't just plain yogurt. Most of them that were labeled "plain" had not only milk and pectin, but tapioca, sugar or corn syrup, different preservatives. WHY is it so hard to find Just Plain Yogurt? Even Vitamin Cottage, our health food store, didn't care any plain yogurts that were actually plain. I find this irritating. Can anyone recommend a brand that's actually plain, that I just haven't found yet? Please let me know if you know of one, so I can try that and see if it helps my yogurt set. The up side is that once I manage it once, I can keep going with our homemade yogurt and I won't have to buy any more. The other possibility is buying live yogurt cultures, but they're pretty expensive compared to just using some pre-made yogurt to culture it.

So anyway, enough ranting, we all know real food is hard to come by. Hence the Adventures in Homemaking blog posts. Ya win some, ya lose some - that's what keeps it interesting!

I fed the liquid yogurt to the girls this morning. I mixed in a spoonful of homemade strawberry jam, sprinkled it with homemade granola and diced fresh strawberries, and they were pretty excited at the idea of strawberry soup for breakfast. Guess I can't call it a total failure then, can I?


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you made a beautiful kiefer. Congrats, Mamma!

Wendy said...

no way, just call it kefir and act like you did it on purpose!

That's odd that there's no plain yogurt - even at the health food store!

I bet the yogurt soup was great!