Thursday, March 4, 2010

Shopping list - the update.

I bet you're dying to know how my shopping trip went the other day, aren't ya?

At one thrift store I found a fantastic, huge wooden cutting board and a wooden chair that'll be perfect for Chloe's room once it's refinished. I spent $3. (Granted, the chair has no seat, hubby will have to create one for it, and I'll have to upholster and refinish the chair, but for two bucks? Heckuva deal.)

At an antique store on Main Street I found myself an antique cheese grater and a heavy duty rubber spatula - $6.

I still need to find a lamp, but that's something that can wait until I find just what I'm looking for. After not finding a used watering can, I had to give in and let Hubs get one at Lowes because I needed one right away.

So I consider it a mild success. I saved a ton of money, I acquired a new craft project (the chair) and I gotta tell ya, there's something kind of fun about using an antique cheese grater. (And there's security in knowing it's not going to crack and fall apart while I'm using it.)

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