Saturday, March 27, 2010

Sew Liberated Apron Project

I checked out Sew Liberated from the library. Beautiful, inspirational. There are several projects in there I'd like to make, and at least three that I will be making.

Here's the corset apron I finished a few hours ago.

Absolutely LOVE this. Girly, flirty, but still an apron, which makes it still a little old-fashioned. It laces up the back, and is really pretty cool (I used button holes instead of grommets.) I was going to show you a picture of the back of it, until I realized I don't like photos of my rear end on the internet, so here's another front shot:

Have you ever walked into a fabric store with an exact picture in your mind of what you want to make, and then walked out with fabrics that have absolutely no correlation to that picture? That's what this project was like - not at all like I intended for it to turn out, but I'm thrilled with the result anyway.

More to come - a pillow, and a skirt... when I get more sewing time.

In the meantime, I urge you all to check out the book, because it really is pretty darn great.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Cute pattern!
Stephen says, "It can't be considered 'old-fashioned' if I can remember the year that it was trendy!"
I'm thinkin' I oughtta make one in burgundy... soon as my sewing machine is up & running again :-)