Monday, March 22, 2010

Spring is here.

There's dirt under my fingernails. There's dirt on my knees. There's dirt in the bathtub. There's dried mud trailing from the back door to the bathroom. There are muddy clogs lined up on the back porch.

Two Little Girls have cute pink cheeks. My shoulders are peeling. I'm craving cold pasta salad instead of meat loaf. I can hear kids yelling and shouting as they run up and down the street. My kids are sleeping well at night, the dog's too exhausted to be rambunctious. My back and my feet and my thighs hurt, and I don't mind it a bit.

I am officially Behind On Laundry, and that's not likely to change until sometime in mid-October.

I had a chat with my neighbor over the fence about composting methods and cold frames while I hung out my laundry and he worked on his rototiller.

I took a nap on a blanket in the sunshine today while Two Little Girls made mud pies decorated with grass and twigs, and muddy "chocolate milk" to go with them.

We took a week off from school last week because it was so nice out. I think we'll take this week off too.

I had an in-depth discussion with my two year old about the leaf buds we could see on the trees, and we filled the bird bath so the birdies could have a drink when they're thirsty. And then she poured all of that water, one cupful at a time, onto her bare toes. And then I filled it again.


Life said...

Well, I s'pose frozen earth is cleaner ;-) Happy Spring!

Just Me said...

Yay spring! It's about darn time. Although today was a bit icky.

Wendy said...

They're adorable, and you've perfectly (again) captured spring fun! I was right there will you too - until we hit a 50 degree day today...

aplaceforthoughts said...

I agree with Wendy - you captured spring perfectly! We had a hint of it that has disappeared again and I can't wait to get it back! Thanks for sharing your welcome to spring with us!