Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Math with Crayola

Some school subjects just aren't any fun. Like math. There's nothing fun or particularly exciting about memorizing addition and subtraction tables. I don't know many who are all that fond of constant repetition, but at this age, and with the math curriculum we're using, memorizing these math facts is mandatory.

So we decided to get a little creative.

I found window crayons, made by Crayola, at Wal Mart for three bucks. (Sometimes you just have to give in to mass consumerism. It's for education, after all.) I have a bit of a love affair with Crayola. I know they're Big Business and all, and I usually don't love supporting companies like that, but Crayola's got it goin' on. They have some darn creative people working for them, who come up with great ideas like window crayons and Color Wonder markers. And they always make the best quality stuff. Have you ever colored with a red Crayola crayon and then a red Roseart crayon? HUGE noticeable difference. Crayola's cool.

But anyway.

One of the only ways to make math more fun is to change the form of "blackboard" you're using. When you're seven, writing with different instruments increases the fun tenfold.

These markers turned out to work really well. They wash off of windows pretty easily with a damp rag followed by (eco-friendly) window cleaner. They don't, however, wash off of window caulking. Trust me. My two year old proved it.

Ah, but she had fun proving it!

Other ideas for "alternative chalkboards" for practicing math facts:

sidewalk chalk
*white board and dry erase markers
*sticks in dirt or sand
*water and paintbrushes on the sidewalk - disappearing ink, so check their work fast!
*Shaving cream on the wall of the shower or tub, spread around, then use a finger to 'write' on it
*Finger paints - or yogurt paints

Any other suggestions?


Crazy Homeschool Mama said...

pudding :) homemmade of course

Anonymous said...

A cake pan with flour was always a hit for us.

Anonymous said...

I love Crayola, too. I worked in preschools and day cares and directed a before and after school enrichment program for a year. Crayola can't be beat for dependable quality.
Might try play doh numbers :-)

Deb said...

FANTASTIC! What fun for your girls, especially Chloe! I love love love your creativity.... and I, too, love Crayola. Ever see the spot on Mr. Roger's Neighborhood where they show how they make crayons? I love that.... Makes me wanna go out and buy a big 64 count box of them. Perhaps I will!

Wendy said...

Love the cutie pie with the smile on her face! Nice way of mixing it up! I totally agree about crayola products. I just bought some chalkboard paint today and saw there was whiteboard paint and magnetic paint as well. Don't know how I feel about these (magnetic paint??), but seems interesting nonetheless.