Thursday, January 7, 2010

Potty Talk

"Mom, what's a sphincter?"

It's alright. You can snicker. I did.

Between a potty training two year old and a six year old suddenly fascinated with the process of digestion, my world revolves around Potty Talk.

"Mommy poop?"
"Yes, Mommy poops too."
"Daddy poop too? Daddy poop toilet."
"Yep, Daddy does poop on the toilet. Good job, honey!"
"Izzy poop outside. Izzy poop big."
"Yes, Cora, dogs go potty outside."

In our house, when Littlest One does her business on the toilet, we do the "Poopy Dance." Nope, not kidding. How gross is that? But it makes her smile, and makes her proud. Ah, what a mother won't do to make her children feel successful.

Chloe used a bookstore gift card to purchase a small human body with smooshy organs that can be taken out and explored and put back together. It came with a comic book of sorts that explains all the organs and shares lots of facts about the digestive system in as gross a manner as possible, much to the delight of my first grader.

"Here's the bladder. Did you know it fills up with pee?" she explains, with more glee in her voice than should really be deemed appropriate.
"Mom, what's this word? U-R-E-T-H-R-A."
Nothing like speaking frankly with a child about her body.

Gosh I love this parenting stuff. You just never know what topic will come up next.


Wendy said...

hilarious. I laughed out loud after Izzy poop big.

It's fascinating and funny how the human body works! I guess the visual of a little bladder filling up with pee is a bit funny, and wierd, and gross!

Unknown said...

Oh, that is all FANTASTIC! I can't get over what a great mommy you are, and how lucky your girls are to have you!

Christian is at that potty poopin' stage too. The other day, he announced that he had to poop, and HURRY GRANDMA!!! I had to run upstairs behind him and make sure that the potty seat was securely placed on the toilet, and then I had to leave. He wanted privacy. Loved that... And he pooped!!!