Sunday, July 4, 2010

Independence... on two wheels.

Chloe has a tendency to possess excessive fear about things. Riding her bike is one of them. I think I posted earlier this spring about how much better she was doing on her bike when we went for a trail ride... well, she's beat that by a mile now.

She's riding on two wheels.

This is a pretty momentous occasion - I remember how proud I was when I finally rode a two-wheeler. Well, okay, when my dad stopped being patient and removed my training wheels and wouldn't give them back right before a long bike ride with friends and made me figure it out. It was bloody... and terrifying... but I did manage. And I was glad I did, after all was said and done.

Thankfully, there has been no blood, only a few little spills when she's trying to get going. I let her ride to the grocery store yesterday afternoon - she's building confidence quickly.

Riding a two wheeler seems to be such a huge step in growing up. There's a certain amount of freedom that eventually comes with riding a bike, when they suddenly have an ability to go a little further a little faster.

And on that note, Happy Independence Day to all of you! Hope it's a lovely day filled with tasty food and happy family time!


Anonymous said...

YAY, Chloe!!! and Go, Mamma!!!
Uncle Stephen will be proud :-)

Wendy said...

what a symbolic and fitting post for the day!