Sunday, September 30, 2007

On our own

Well, it's officially just me & the girls for the next two weeks. :o( I'm pathetic without my man. I should have plenty to keep me busy, but I already miss him.

I've been busy sewing new diapers and washing all the clothes in the next size up for my growing little girl. Can't believe how big she's getting - this newborn stuff doesn't fit anymore already! And Chloe will need new clothes for the winter too - she grew almost three inches from June to September! She hasn't gained but a couple of pounds though, so she's skinny as a rail. i can't buy pants that fit right - 3's are right in the waist but too short, 4's are too big around but the right length. Argh. Hopefully I can just make her enough pants to last till spring.

Speaking of Chloe, she had another dance show yesterday. She did pretty good, though she got distracted by all the wind blowing and whatnot - it was an outdoor 'luau'. She's having a hard time paying attention during ballet class, and we're close to pulling her out. I'm hoping she'll remember how much she loves performances and that I can use that to bribe her to do as she's told.

So, the next two weeks are hopefully going to be spent just making stuff, in between kid's activities and nursing the baby. I have Halloween costumes to make, a sweater to finish knitting, winter wardrobes to sew and scrapbook pages to get finished - plenty to keep me busy! i figure i don't have to cook dinner, or really even clean much, till Andrew's home. I'm sure I'll post pictures as I make stuff, I always do. :o)


jill said...

try looking for Chloe's pants in the boys department because they are sold by the waist and length, then add your own girly touches to them. I had to do that with Jenn for years because she was such a toothpick. Or you could add length to some of her old ones with strips of cordory, denim or whatever.

Have fun! Wish my man would go away for 2 weeks so I could get things done. lol

Frugal Finds said...

I always have to buy my kids adjustable waist jeans. They used to only be available at the expensive kids clothing stores but now many places have them. They have been a life saver in my household of very skinny kids!!
Hang in there with the dance classes. It will teach her that you stick to something you have started and the attention span will come. I used to talk to DD every week about what I expected from her during each class and she soon caught on. It used to drive me crazy when kids would leave the class to go potty just because they saw someone else go. This was a huge no no for my DD.
I can not wait to see the pictures of all the things you will make in the next 2 weeks!! I love reading your blog!! Thanks for sharing!!