Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Geez, I'm exhausted.

I've been getting up at 5 am the past few mornings to make up for the hour I've been spending at the gym. It's 9:30 pm and I'm struggling to keep my eyes open right now. Sheesh, I'm old.

'Twas a busy day. Got the girls around, got the house in order, got breakfast done and headed to the gym for the 10 am pilates class. Oh my goodness, I'm in love with pilates. Ah, it just felt so good. My body hurts like a mo-fo now, but in a good way. I'm totally down to do that twice a week. I'm sure eventually I'll be able to sit down to pee again without cringing in pain. LOL

We did the cheerleading thing. I'm still 50/50 on whether or not I should be doing it, but it seemed to go pretty well. Mostly Chloe is in a little group with some of the little girls she already knows and plays with, and the high school girls running the camp are very sweet and peppy and upbeat with great attitudes. She seemed to enjoy herself tonight, so we're going back tomorrow. There are some pretty stiff stipulations though - one hint of a snotty attitude and she won't be going back. I can't say I'd complain - sitting in a high school cafeteria for two hours in the evening, chasing around a toddler isn't my idea of a great time.

I got my passport back today - exactly two weeks from dropping it off. They're quick! Everything is set now for our trip, and there should be anything now to stop us from going and having a great time. We leave February 22.

Andrew is officially losing his weeks off in the middle of February. They'll be doing a "6 and 3" schedule: six days on, three off. Not as much time for big camping and traveling trips, but we can still sneak in a few short ones. I'm disappointed, but I'm trying not to pout about it. At least my husband has a job, and a good one, in such tough economic times.

My grandfather in Kansas City called this evening. My grandma is in the hospital. (This is biological family - found them when I was 19 years old.) She's lost the feeling in her legs, but they aren't sure why. She's in a whole lot of pain. They're talking to a specialist tomorrow who may be able to figure out the problem. I know it's hard for my grandma - they're older, but in relatively good health. She's quite active and I'm sure it's bothering her to be stuck in a hospital bed. I'm very worried about her, and am hoping everything turns out okay. This has happened a couple of other times, and it's hard for me not to pack up and drive out there. In the winter though, that would be less than smart, so I'll sit here and wait for an update tomorrow. If you're the praying type, maybe say a prayer for her... I love her so much.

I had a little chat with Mark this afternoon, letting him know that we would be claiming Chloe on our taxes this year, despite the divorce agreement, and that it would be ludicrous for him to think otherwise. He hasn't paid child support for a year and a half. He agreed to let us claim her without any argument, which seems to be the norm lately. I think he's actually lost all the fight he used to have in him. It's wonderful.

I can't think of anything else to ramble about. I have a bunch of half-finished art and craft projects that I'll probably start posting soon, once I actually finish something. I Tivo-ed the Inauguration speech with the intention of watching it tonight, but I'm so flippin' tired I think I'll just go to bed.

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