Sunday, January 25, 2009

Rockin' good deals

My mom and I hit the mall today after breakfast. I've been on the lookout for some cute stuff for the Mexico trip - I've been hoping to find a cute semi-formal for a fancy night out, but at a reasonable price.

So I tried on dresses in a handful of stores with no success. Then we went to Penney's. They had some really cute dresses, all kinds of styles and colors, on clearance for $19.99. I picked out a couple that were my favorites, thinking I did pretty good, right? You can't beat twenty bucks for a formal dress. Until the lady at the register told me they were buy one get on free. Flippin' sweet. My total savings at Penney's, on two dresses? $100.

Actually, the mall was chock full of great deals. I got myself a lightweight hoodie, perfect for the gym, for $6 at Herberger's. And don't forget the free Vera Wang Princess body polish. Apparently Clinique and some other cosmetics companies lost a lawsuit, and everyone who's ever bought "find cosmetics" at certain stores is eligible to receive a free gift. If you have a Herberger's near you, go by Jan 27th and get yours - they have a few different things to choose from.

Target had some cute Valentine's scrapbook stuff for $1 each at the dollar spot. I got Chloe a cami tank top for $1.98 and overalls for $11 and some change. I'll chop up the overalls and put them back together with some cute fabric and lace. Why wear plain overalls if you don't have to? :o)

Shopping is fun. Especially when my mom goes to help take care of the kids. By the end of our excursion Cora learned a new word: "M". She'd turn around in her stroller, look at her Grammy and say "M?" and her Grammy would promptly hand her some more M&M's. LOL What spoiled girls I have.

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Deb said...

So glad you had such success shopping!!! How wonderful! And your mom sounds alot like me.... I'd be feeding Christian M&M's too!!! How fun! You girls are all so lucky...