Friday, January 23, 2009

If there was a depression...

Every so often, I hear the "what if there was another depression" worry from someone I know. What would we do? How would we live? Would we survive?

Maybe I'm too hopeful. I'm sure I don't really have any idea what it would really be like. But I don't have any doubt that my family would survive, and we would be alright.

We live with a lot of luxury now. We have a very nice home that is warm and comfortable, filled with nice furniture, good food, and fancy appliances.

If I had to, could I do without it? Absolutely. I have a big antique trunk downstairs that I would pack full of the things that mean the most to me - handmade things, little memoirs of the girls' childhoods, scrapbooks and probably computer hard drives. The rest, though it would hurt, I could walk away from.

So many people these days wouldn't have the first clue how to survive if they didn't have a house, a computer, a car, electricity. Thankfully, between my husband and I, I'm pretty certain we'd be alright. We've got everything we need to go camping... it would just have to be an extended camping trip, I suppose. I have enough seeds on hand to plant a garden that would feed us, and I know how to collect the seeds from those plants to save for another planting. My husband is quite skilled in hunting, and could provide meat. Between the two of us, we know how to handle the meat and I could probably even tan a hide if it came to that. A friend of mine said something about "I guess I'd have to find a way to get propane if we couldn't afford electricity." Thankfully, I'm quite skilled in cooking over a campfire.

My obsession, my fascination, is pioneer history. No, I've never lived that kind of life, but I have a pretty good understanding of it - how hard it was, and what was necessary for survival. I'm thankful that I've read the dozens of books that I have on the subject. I could sew clothing from fabric scraps if needed - many women couldn't! I could turn plant fiber into a diaper, treat many common ailments, forage for food and know what I was looking for... if it was necessary. I take a certain amount of pride in that.

My husband is incredible as far as his ability to figure out a way to make anything work, anything happen. I know I can always depend on him. Many women are married to men who are so modernized that they aren't even capable of changing a flat tire.

Will there be a depression? Eh, who knows. And it probably wont' be that severe, if there is. But I find much solace in knowing that if it really did come down to that, my family would be alright. Heck... it would be one hell of a homeschooling lesson, wouldn't it?


In other news... I just found out that Mark's girlfriend is pregnant again. I'm really, really irritated. He can't support either child he has, they live with his mother for Christ sake, but they get to have another baby, and I don't. Someone feel sorry for me, please?


Deb said...

I think that you are my reincarnation... if I believed in reincarnation... LOL You are so much like me in my earlier days, it's not even funny... LOLOL

Katey said...

um for the record that PISSES (yes that is what I said!)
me off that mark gets to and you don't and you are SO the better parent!
and you are in CO. right? so I know where to go when we are in a depression cause I can't sew...or keep a garden