Sunday, January 18, 2009

Perks? Yep.

I'm not going to say that I like having my husband out of town. I absolutely don't. But I won't deny that there are a few perks that go along with being on my own with the kids for two weeks. Tonight, I served leftover tomato soup and string cheese to Chloe for dinner. Cora opted for leftover Spanish rice and, not to be outdone by her sister, her own string cheese. Me, I'm having a Saint Bridget's Porter by the Great Divide Brewing Co.

And if that isn't easy enough, you have to consider the dishes. I absolutely abhore washing dishes. When you're serving leftovers and string cheese for dinner, you don't have many dishes to wash. At this rate, I'll only have to run the dishwasher once a week (which means I only have to empty it once a week, a chore I hate even more than actually washing them.)

See what I mean? Definite perks.


Chloe lost her tooth the other day. Yeah, her first one - remember back in, what was that? September, October? that I announced we had our first loose tooth. Yes, it took like four months to get that sucker outta there. I think the idea of having one of her teeth actually separating from her gums was traumatic. Far more traumatic than the actual losing of the tooth, which was met with much glee and enthusiasm.

A picture:

Sadly, it took so long for the tooth to come out that the permanent tooth grew in behind it. For that reason, we don't get that awesome "missing tooth" shot for the scrapbook.

And of course, we put it under the pillow (in the fancy "first tooth" silver jar we had for the occasion). The tooth fairy brought $5. Can you believe the going rate for the tooth fairy is five flippin' dollars? Talk about inflation.


It was a pretty good day. We had breakfast at my parents' house, then came home and had a very nice Sunday kind of day. Chloe watched TV all afternoon - she didn't ask for a whole week to watch TV, so I granted it to her when she did ask today. Cora took a long nap, and managed to actually play by herself for awhile, which allowed me time to scrapbook a few pages, sew a sling for an expectant friend, knit 10 or 12 rows on Noelle's mittens, organize my scrapbook desk and the toys in the bathroom.

The sling:
(That one's not yours, Kim! I still haven't found fabric I think is right for you, but I'm working on it.)

Unfortunately, period cramps set in and all hope was lost for any more productivity. When my husband was packing his bathroom bag, he asked if it was alright if he took the Ibuprofen. I said that was fine - I don't really ever use the stuff. And of course as soon as he leaves with it for two weeks, I'm desperate for anything to make my tummy and back feel better. :o\ I could take the Percocet the doctor gave me a few weeks ago for pain, but I find it entirely too pleasant and am trying not to take it at all based on that fact.

So I'm sitting here suffering, drinking my bloating and cramping away. Well, attempting to. I need something stronger if I'm going to succeed.


Dani said...

Poop! I want a sling! :o)~

That's so awesome Chloe lost her first tooth! Lilli is still waiting for wiggles....I'm in no hurry.

Deb said...

Hey Dahhhhhhhhhling..... Are you going to make Dyan a sling? I'll pay you for it, juuuust let me know how much and I'll send you a check. She would LOVE it... She is having a little girl, Lilly Dyan and she'll enter this world sometime towards the end of May. Let me know...

I've been on the computer WAY too much this morning, so I'm gonna hop off for now, but I will send you some ideas for your vacation wear.... Boy, I wish I was the size I was in high school.... ugh, you skinny little thang.... Don't worry about loose skin, just wear spanx. They are marvelous...even for fatties like me! ROFL... Ive literally been sitting on FB (facebook) since about 9 AM, and its freakin' almost NOON!!! Sheesh.... but I've been busy working on choir stuff there. Check out my new group! KCFC Youth Choir...

Anywho.... come out of your slump, and that's an ORDER!!! I do believe in SAD, and you probably have it... as do I. I'm getting out of my funk, and thinking alot about my garden, which makes me happy and I know yours does too!

Cheer up, cyber-daughter... Okay?

(((hugs & kisses)))