Thursday, January 22, 2009

My grandma

...had a stroke of the spine. She doesn't have feeling from the waist down, and likely won't get it back. She may eventually be able to walk with a walker, but that's not certain.

Last week she was up and moving and walking around and active and normal. She's older, but she's always been active. She's watched little girls for family and friends for years. Even in her 60's she's able to chase around toddlers all day long while their mommies work.

And now she might not walk again.

I'm scared for her, and sad for her. I just can't imagine. I want to pick up and go to Kansas, but it's not feasible and probably wouldn't be at all helpful. I just want to go and give her a big hug. She must be so terrified and shocked. :o(

They're transferring her to a rehabilitation hospital today where she'll spend four weeks or more, hopefully learning to walk again. Thankfully it's near her home and my grandpa will be able to sit with her there when she's not in therapy.

:::sigh::: I hate feeling so helpless, I just wish there was something I could do for her.

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Deb said...

Julie, where is she, and where will she be in rehab at? Would you like for me to go see her? I could do that for you.... just let me know the details. I know you must be so worried... If you need to fly to KC, you could stay here... or with Dyan, no problem... we're here for you. We'd come get you from the airport.