Wednesday, May 21, 2008

AI thoughts - finals

Jo's right, I haven't blogged about Idol in awhile. I guess I've just been busy blogging other things. :o)

So tonight we get the results from the final show. I called it way back that it would be the two Davids in the top two, though I thought Jason instead of Sayesha for the third. (Hey, two out of three isn't bad!)

I desperately want David Cook to win, and I absolutely don't think he will. Little David is just too popular amongst all those little girls, and little girls with cell phones hold tremendous power. Actually, Cook disappointed me last night a little, I thought he could've done better, though I still enjoyed him. It annoyed me that Little David did Imagine again - yes, it was great, but he should've done something new.

So that's what I think. And either way, whether Cook wins or not, I think he'll get a recording contract, and I will absolutely buy his record. Little David reminds me so much of a mix between Elton John and Phil Collins that I just don't think I'd ever listen to him. Sounds like something my dad would enjoy. I can't believe he's only 17 - his song choices are more like those of a 50 year old.

Ah well, I guess we'll see what happens!

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Jo said...

I still think it could go either way tonight, but I really really would like to see David Cook win. The judges gushing over Archuleta last night was just too much. The judges have been awful lately. The only contestant I would buy a CD of would be Jason Castro. I have already downloaded 10 of his songs on i-tunes.:) I am mostly looking forward to seeing all the voted-off contestants again tonight.