Thursday, May 1, 2008

Happy May Day!

It's f-ing snowing.

It's spring. May Day even. We were wearing shorts and tank tops yesterday. I've got my flowers and veggies planted. And it looks like a flippin' blizzard out there.

My plants are all covered. I think they'll be fine. But wtf? SNOW in MAY? I'm irritated. I guess that means I'll be making myself useful inside instead of wasting the day away out in the sunshine.


Mother's Day is just around the corner. For Andrew's mother we got this:

It's a bird bath, or you could put bird seed in it I suppose, if you wanted. She loves purple with a sort of twisted passion. I'm pretty sure she'll love this. It's totally her style.

For my mom:

And a close-up:

She requested hand-knit washcloths. These will match her bathroom. I hope she likes them.

Pattern: Butterfly Lace Dishcloth

Size 7 needles, Lily Sugar & cream and LIonbrand Cotton-ease yarns (Loved the Cotton-ease. I'd like to knit something else with this!) I casted on 39 sts, did 4 rows of garter and 4 sts of garter on the sides. I'm pretty happy with them.

Andrew and Chloe have both asked what I'd like for Mother's Day. I told Chloe I want four or five balls of TLC Essentials yarn in the Surf & Turf colorway. It's cheap acrylic, but I love the colorway and I have a sweater pattern perfect for it. Other than that, I just don't know what I want. A day with my family home, but with Andrew taking care of the girls so I can do whatever I want. That would be nice. I hate having them gone, and I hate leaving them, because I get all anxious. But if they are here but taken care of, I can enjoy some 'free time'. Maybe also permission to buy the stuff I want from for our Disney scrapbook. :o)

A couple quick pics of Cora, 'cuz she's cute:

Reading a book with her auntie:

Well, I hope everyone else that *isn't in Colorado has a beautiful May Day!

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Deb said...

Happy May Day to you!!!

But snow? That really sucks... LOL or does it blow??? ROFL

Enjoy the day inside! *muah*