Friday, May 16, 2008

How does your garden grow?

I'm less than thrilled with the progress my garden is making this year. I'm going to blame it on the soil - we tilled up some new soil, and didn't alter it at all. Hopefully next year we can add some bags of topsoil to it and things will go better.

My spinach is doing well though, and I have some radishes coming up. Last night we had both of those in our salad. Cora ate some spinach too, and loved it.

Chloe and I planted corn on a whim, mostly because she said she wanted to. I didn't think it would do much, and it's the only thing in the whole garden that we've planted and it's nearly all come up. There are only four rows, probably only enough for a few dinners, if that, but at least it's growing! The peas and beans aren't doing so well - not enough of either sprouted to really produce enough for us to plan on for meals. I do have a couple heads of lettuce, and one of my tomato plants has a ton of flowers on it, so we'll at least have salads to eat for awhile. I would like to get some cucumbers in in the last space I have available, because I think it would be fun to make pickles. We've eaten a few strawberries now, and I have a couple sitting on the counter for Chloe. I'm hoping they produce enough so that I can get a quart, and then make some strawberry freezer jam.

If nothing else though, it's kind of fun to go out each day and see what's new, and pulling weeds is sort of therapeutic, as long as there aren't bees and wasps and yellowjackets out there to torment me.

My flowers are doing splendidly. I need to take another picture of the front perennial/bulb bed - the difference just a few weeks makes is incredible! Andrew got me two big barrel-type pots and some clematis and morning glory for Mother's Day. I need to figure out where they'll go and get them planted this evening. Then everything will be all set, I think.

Here's a quick pic of the trouble-maker:

She is so funny. She's still not crawling, but it's amazing how well she gets around for not being able to crawl. She does this sort of inch-worm thing, or she scoots on her bottom. And she's already getting into everything! She emptied the trash can yesterday, and she clears my coffee table every time she gets close to it- she just pulls on the table runner and everything slides right off. Whenever she does or sees anything interesting, she makes an 'o' shape with her lips and says "ohhhh". It's so flippin' cute. On the computer yesterday, she created something like 150 desktop shortcuts to a video of herself. We looked at the screen and couldn't see anything but all the shortcuts. We we laughing hysterically. She's so funny!

She turned 9 months old yesterday. :::sigh::: How does the time go by so fast?

and last but not least, an FO pic:

Another soaker, the last size medium I'll make - we have three now. A couple half-balls of stash yarn, both lamb's pride worsted. It's hard to tell but it's sort of a teal color, and then the white. I stole the pattern for the faire isle from a pic on ravelry, it was pretty easy to figure out. I'm still learning when it comes to color knitting, but I think it looks alright.

I think I'm going to go ahead and knit up a swatch to get the gauge for an EZ faire isle yoke sweater. I don't know how far I'll get on it since it's almost summer and knitting a sweater in the summer is no fun, but I'm excited to at least get it started. :o)

'Tis all for now!

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