Thursday, May 22, 2008

My stupid little brother

I'm sure you're dying to hear the story, so I'm going to share it. I'm so irritated with him!

My mom got the mail yesterday, and in it was a check for my little brother, along with a ticket that he had paid. They informed him that he must have his parent's notarized signature, so they couldn't accept his payment. He never told them about the ticket. It was a 4 pt speeding ticket for going 19 miles over the speed limit. The kicker though, is that it was from Route County. "Where is Route County?" I asked my mother. Ahh. It's Steamboat Springs, this cozy little mountain town, supremely popular for skiing and snowboarding. He had asked permission to go there one weekend to visit some girl he knows there. My parents said no - he's hardly responsible enough to drive that far, he's 16 and has only had his license for a few months! Well, apparently he didn't care what they said about it, he went, tried to be a bad ass, got pulled over, and now is screwed. He'll have to go to court - in Steamboat.

Add to that the fact that this is his third ticket - one other for speeding and something for passing improperly, and he's over the 6 point limit required for suspension. He's going to lose his license. I think he thinks it won't happen to him. And heck, what does he care, I'm sure he figures my mother will drive him around all he wants like she did before he got his license. I sure hope she doesn't. They bend over backwards to give that kid EVERYTHING he wants, trying to keep him happy, I guess, and he's just abusing it all.

I hope he wakes up some day soon and realizes he can't get through life by mooching off of everyone else and never taking responsibility for his own actions. He frustrates me to no end. I love my little brother - really, I do - but I don't like him much these days. He needs to grow up!

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