Friday, May 30, 2008

Grammy's House

We finally got to take Tori (and her mom and baby brother) to Grammy's house.

This baby bunny is asleep on his back in her hand. She has such a knack with animals. :o)

This rope swing is hooked up to the horse's hot walker. It goes around and around, though quite slowly. Chloe swings herself back and forth and around while she rides it. Tori just sat there. She seemed very bored. LOL

It was fun to see another kid get to do some of the stuff Chloe does out there. Chloe struggled a bit... okay, a lot... with sharing her Grammy with someone else. She actually ended up kind of throwing a fit, and then when it came time to share her toys at Grammy's, she had a hard time with that too. I can't say that part was very pleasant. My mom is great though, and did a pretty good job of calming her down. Chloe at one point told my mother, just to be sure, that she was OUR Grammy, not Tori's, even though Tori liked her. LOL Silly girl. :o)


Busy day today in the kitchen. I need to make bread, cook peaches to make baby food, make ham & cheese hot pockets for Andrew's lunches and probably a giant pot of spaghetti. We'll have that for dinner, and I'll freeze a few packs of the sauce for dinners later. I also need to get my floors mopped, change the cat box, and work on burning pictures to CD's a bit - I haven't backed up my pictures since sometime in early 2007, before Cora was born! We might have Chloe's friend Elizabeth come over to play. How do I get things done with Cora crawling now?

Baby Jail!

Poor thing, she worked so hard to learn how to crawl, and now we stick her in baby jail and she's stuck. Ahh the rough life of a little baby. ;o)

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Deb said...

Adorable!!! Our baby bunny was a bit smaller, but not by much. I hope he survived!!!

It's so cute about Chloe's wanting to make sure that her Grammy is HERS and not her friends! Awwww, I hope Christian is that way with me!!!

You sound so busy today! Can you bottle up your energy and send some to me???

*muah* ~Deb