Thursday, October 11, 2007

50 posts

I've already posted 50 times on this blog. Crazy! In honor of that (or rather, just because I want to) I'm gonna post some pictures.

Look who likes bath time now! :o)

And here's what I've been waking up to each morning since Andrew's been gone. Chloe and Izzy are gonna be mighty disappointed when they get kicked out of our bed again!

Today is gonna be cleaning day. It's been a week and a half since I've done any cleaning besides just straightening up and laundry and dishes. Andrew will be home tomorrow night, so I figure I better get a few things done.

We went to the library yesterday - I think I made another new friend. A girl with a four year old daughter and a baby due any day. She just moved here. I'm excited. It's so hard to meet people, but I've been doing it more lately. Friends are kind of important for my sanity. And friends with kids are good - I always feel silly with my friends who are kid-less, like they have lives and I don't. LOL And it seems my poor mom is the only person I usually hang out with because, well, at least she likes my kids!

I'm thinking about the possibility of throwing a Halloween party for Chloe and her friends. A chance to wear their costumes again, play some fun games, and just socialize. Not sure yet if I have it in me, but I do think it would be fun, especially if we could do it outside so I'm not all anxious about my house getting destroyed. she's got 5 or 6 friends her age now, and it'd be great to get them all together.

Chloe-ism for the day:
While she was coloring, she said "I'm making a tasterpiece." I asked if she meant 'masterpiece' and she said, "oh. yeah. Mom, what's a tasterpiece?" I told her I didn't really know. She said "Oh! That's when my room is really messy." She meant when I call her room a 'catastrophe'. :o) Funny how all those words just get themselves mixed up in her little head.

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