Friday, October 19, 2007


I'm just not in the mood to do anything today. Chloe's supposed to have a make-up class for ballet at 11:00, but I'm not sure we're gonna go. Cora's face still looks yucky, and i don't really want to take her out in public. :o( That, and I just don't feel like going.

Impetigo really sucks. It's spread to four other places now. I keep cleaning it and putting more ointment on it, and I'm keeping a bandaid over the main part and socks or mittens on her hands so she can't scratch it and spread it more, but - ugh! I can't decide if it's getting better or not. The littlest areas are starting to heal but the big one on the side of her face looks just as bad as it did Tuesday. My poor baby. I think she got it from my parents' house - they have strep, and that's the virus that causes impetigo. So we're staying away from them till they're all better.

Andrew's out of town again - he left yesterday afternoon, hopefully will be back sometime late tonight, though I'm not sure when. He only got a couple hours' sleep last night, and I hate the thought of him driving mountain passes and winding canyon roads on such little sleep.

I'm kind of annoyed with the fact that Mark is supposed to have Chloe on Halloween, as well as the day of the Eagles' Halloween party. I'm not sure he'll even take her to the Halloween party, but hopefully he'll take her trick or treating, if we don't go together again. I hate working stuff like that out. I hate sharing her. The other day when she got back from his house she told me she was crying there because she missed me and wanted to come home. :o( That makes me both happy and sad - I hate to think of her missing me, but I'm glad she does, ya know? After all this time, it still kills me to have to send her back to his house all the time. I guess you never really get used to it, huh?

Blah. i should get up and start cleaning. I'd like to do something fun with Chloe today, and I'd also like to do some scrapbooking if Cora will let me. I'm so behind with my scrapbooks!

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