Thursday, October 11, 2007

Hats :o)

A couple quick crafty pics...

Crocheted Baby Hat from Stitch & Bitch Happy Hooker
Size G hook
Stash yarn - white is Caron Simply Soft, pink is Red Heart acrylic

If I ever made it again, I'd do another row or two or double crochet and might make it a little bigger around too. It's supposed to be size 6 months, but runs a little small. I'm happy with it though, overall. Quick project too, I finished it in a day.

I just made this one up. 10 rows knitted, then 4 rows of purl, 6 rows of knit till the decrease at the top, then just decreased in sections of 8 with a knit row between each decrease row.

Caron Felt-it in Neon (from my stash)
Size 8 circular needles, casted on 81 stitches, decreased by one before starting the first real decrease round but wanted an even number on each of 3 needles while I knitted.


Look! My kids are famous! Okay, maybe not, but they made the front page of Craftster for a few minutes :-)

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