Tuesday, September 18, 2007


It's already been a month (plus two days)! I can't believe how time flies. The Littler Miss is already quickly outgrowing her newborn sized clothes and now weighs in at a whopping 9 lbs 14 oz. Her little thighs and cheeks are quite chubby and I love it! I'd forgotten how quickly time flies when you have a little baby.

There's a George Strait song called "I hate everything." I've decided it's Cora's theme song. She hates the car. She hates the swing. She hates her bouncer. She hates her baths. She hates to yawn. She hates the stroller. There are very few things she likes: Her Daddy's arm, nursing, and Mister Crab. Mister Crab = one of her sister's old baby toys that seems to have created some interest.

Nonetheless, she is the sweetest, most angelic little thing and we are all enjoying her tremendously. Of the first month of her life, her Daddy has been home for all but nine days. He rocks her to sleep at night unless he's getting up early for work. It's been wonderful having him home so much. Chloe still could not be happier about her little sister. She did have to deal with the whole concept of sharing tonight though, for the first time. Usually she takes Cora's things and says "Cora likes to share with me." Tonight when we were eating at a restaurant, Chloe had her cow stuffed animal, and Cora was quite interested in it. Anything to keep the child happy while we eat, right? But Chloe thought it was not so fun when she had to share her things with Cora. One of life's important lessons, I suppose. :-)

I'm settling into the 'mother of two' status fairly well, I think. there haven't been many days where I haven't had some sort of help though - between my mom and Andrew, someone is always entertaining one child or the other, which has really made it so easy on me. The girls and I are getting into our groove though, and we're making things work. I get a little frazzled when both are wanting and/or needing something at exactly the same time (and I'm afraid it's usually Chloe that ends up waiting) but we're learning to get through it all without completely losing it. It tends to be pretty chaotic around here most of the time, but everyone seems pretty happy anyway, and that's what matters. Poor Andrew though, walking into the house after a long day of work and finding screaming children, and spazzing dog and not even any dinner cooked. Thankfully he's understanding and just smiles and kisses me. :-)

So that's that. I'm gonna close with a couple of cute Chloe-isms, always good for a smile!

Me: Chloe, if you can find my cell phone, I'll give you a dollar.
... I found it a bit later.
Chloe: Mom, if you can find my stuffed puppy dog, you can give me a dollar.

She's been interested in astronauts and space study lately (after seeing bits of Astronaut Farmer.) In relation to this, her new words are "alient" and "out-of space" (alien and outer space.) As in: "There are alients in out-of space,"

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Jan said...

I love the Chloe-isms! I'm so happy you are writing them down...what a great idea!

Sounds like you're doing well...keep it up!