Monday, September 24, 2007

It's all worth it...

All the late nights, hours of pacing the house with a screaming baby, changing blow-out diapers, eating while standing up... it all becomes so totally worth it when you finally get this:

And a couple other pics to share as well:

I've joked that it looks like the pink monster came into our house and puked.... LOL Girls rock - yay for an excuse to play with Barbie again!

I have so many pictures of her cute li'l face, it's ridiculous. I remember doing the same thing with Chloe when she was a babe. You're just so fascinated with them, how perfect they turned out and how sweet and innocent they are. :o)


Jan said...

Oh my goodness, Chloe looks just like you in that picture and in the bottom one, Cora looks just like your husband.

Can't you two come up with anything original?

Jan who had four children, three looked just like other people and the last one finally looked like me, so I quit!

Apryl said...

They really are very beautiful.

jill said...

Jan's right...Cora looks like Andrew. Bet she acts like you though!

Thanks for sharing the pic of Chloe in the Barbie-barf. I now feel much better about the branch of M@ttel's factory upstairs in E's room. That's the downside to thrift shopping. Barbies and their stuff are so cheap, a girl can have a large herd of them. (At last count, E was at 20. 2 of which were brought brand new, the rest who knows? lol)