Friday, September 21, 2007

Industrious Mama

I made another sling. :o) It pleases me. These things are so easy to make. Seriously, it only takes about 15 minutes to throw one together. Andrew was even carrying her around in it last night. Cora is definitely a sling baby.

I also canned pickled jalapenos yesterday. Anyone have any idea what to do with pickled jalapenos? I haven't a clue what I'll do with them, but we have so many jalapenos, I didn't want them to all go bad. So now they are preserved until I find something to do with them.

I also got my new driver's license. What a headache. I was waiting outside the office by 7:30 - they open at 8 - and there was already a line. I got up to the guy, gave him all my info, and then he asked for $21. I'd only taken out $20 from the ATM, so I had to go get another $20 for the extra dollar. I never carry cash, and I'd used the last of my change to pay the parking meter in their parking lot. Argh. I was supposed to go to the Social Security office too. I heard it's worse. I'm waiting till next week. Dealing with one government office per week is plenty for me.

After the driver's license thing, I also went grocery shopping. And I washed diapers. And I managed to sneak in a few rows on Andrew's sweater. When he got home we went to Old Chicago's for a couple beers.

And today? I'm hoping we don't even leave the house, unless it's for a quick trip to the park and even then, we'll just walk. It's been kind of hectic every day this week. I just want to chill out!


Kim said...

I remember the hassle of changing everything over after I got married too. To add to that, I had to get my car in my name (it was in my parents' name) and also my husband just moved here from 3 hours away, so we had to get all of his stuff changed too. New name for me and new addresses for us both! Yeah, a royal pain.

Tricia said...

Your sling is really cute! I have decided to try a sling with this baby (who we found out today is a girl!!) so now I have to start looking and figuring out what kind etc. I am so excited!!

Anonymous said...

You could fill the jalapenos with cream cheese,breading on the outside & deep fry them,not real healthy but ohhhhh so yummy.Joyce

Jan said...

I never bothered to change my name until we had been married 10 years and had two kids, two dogs a house and a white picket fence(I kept saying I wanted to make sure it was goign to work ;=). The IRS made me do it, though, by threatening to keep my tax return.

Now that we arrange things so that the IRS and I are even at the end of the year, wonder if I can get my old identity back???

I agree about the sling...Can't imagine life with a baby without them and you're turning them into a fashion statement!!!

Jan said...

Hey, wonder where Jill is? Probably still looking for a truck load of macaroni...