Thursday, September 6, 2007

I made a shirt!

Right after my "I hate snobs" post, I present to you my ultra hippie-snob tank top! I'm utterly in love with it. I think I'll wear it every day.

Made with Avery t-shirt transfer paper, designed in Fireworks. Ironed on to an old tank top.

And I have more transfer paper. What will I make next? :-D

In other crafty news -

I finished the back of Andrew's sweater. I'm about 6" into the front. I think I really like it. It looks a little narrow because the sides roll, having not been blocked yet.
I'm anxious to get this finished, but I ran across the pattern for these booties and I do believe Cora needs them. Okay, maybe she doesn't need them, but she definitely *wants them, desperately. In pink and brown with wooden buttons. And so she shall have them, just as soon as I locate some yarn with which to make them. And probably a matching hat.

And then I'll work on Andrew's sweater some more.

1 comment:

Mike Overall said...

Nice shirt lol. Believe it or not some women actually prefer an epidural...hard to imagine eh?

Was clicking on "Next blog" and found yours. Althought I'm no sewer I did enjoy reading yours. Come see mine sometime if ya like.