Sunday, September 2, 2007

So much better

After working about a million hours last week, Andrew came home at four o'clock yesterday afternoon, and he's home all day today and tomorrow. Thank goodness.

Just having him home makes me calmer. He is so calm and patient and it just seeps into me. I've decided I'm just gonna relax for the next couple days and enjoy my family and be happy. No need to burn out already.

It's so amazing the effect he has on me! I think part of my stressing out and whatnot was just due to being alone with two kids day in and day out with very little adult interaction - something I need very much. I oughtta try and make friends and hang out with them, it would probably keep me more sane.

Thankfully, Andrew's only working three days this week, then he'll be off for another week and a half for our wedding. By then I'm sure things will be settled down even more. :-)

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