Monday, September 10, 2007

The wedding

Oh my goodness, it was just perfect. An hour and a half from home in Rifle, CO is a wonderful place called the Rifle Cascades - a gentle, flowing waterfall surrounded by lush greenery and moss with a trail going up to the top. It's gorgeous - since we discovered it over a year ago, I knew that was where I wanted to be married.

Our families came with us to witness as we said our vows to one another. It was short, simple and sweet, and I really couldn't have asked for it to be any more perfect. Here are some pictures, then following those are the vows.

Andrew's vows:


I stand here with you, beside you today to make a formal, verbal commitment to you. I will love you, care for you, provide for you, and lead you through good times and bad. I will be the best husband to you that I can be and the best father to our children that I possibly can. I will put our family first. I love you and want to spend the rest of our lives together. I promise to love, comfort, honor and keep you and to lay down my life for you. I take you to be y wife. I take you as you are as I give myself to you as I am. I will help you when you need help, and will turn to you when I nee help. I choose you as the person with whom I will spend my life. I give you this ring as an outward symbol of my love and commitment to you for the rest of our lives.

My vows:

There are no words that fully describe all that I’m feeling today, all that I feel every day. You have shown me that true love really does exist. It is in the name of our love that I make this commitment to you. To me, a marriage is a commitment to keep a promise, forever, forever meaning without end, continuing on and on.

And with that said,

I promise to love you with my entire being, forever. I promise to honor you in every way that I can. I promise to always trust you. I promise to show my immense respect for you in all tha tI do. I promise to approach this relationship with a heart full of patience and understanding. I promise to appreciate all that you do and all that you are, and never to take your love for granted. I promise to bring joy and happiness into your life in any way I can, to bring a wholeness and completeness to your life, as you do mine.

And let there be no doubt, I promise you all of this, from now through the rest of our lives. I give you my love, my heart, my life, forever.

This ring is a symbol of my promise of forever.

We have so much together already and I know the future holds so much more. I look forward to every day of the rest of my life knowing you will always be a part of it, will always be there to share it with me.


jill said...

::sniff.sniff:: pass the tissues.

beautiful. (baby-holding while typing is not my strong point)

Kim said...

Congratulations Julie!! The pictures are great, you both look so happy :)

Jan said...

Jill, don't hog the tissues, pass htem over here. Now where did you get the baby? Oh, and quit hogging the blog, it's Julie's wedding, for heaven's sake!

Julie, I am so happy for you...all 4 of you! Now please make Jill pass those tissues.

Never mind, I used my sleeve!


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