Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Snob Moms

So we were at the play area in the mall yesterday, where I was maintaining my sanity by letting other children entertain my four year old. There were plenty of other kids, which of course means plenty of other moms. I find that place a fascinating display of sociology.

There was a group of 'hippie' moms - dread locks, patchy clothes, slings, etc. Then there were the 'Snob' moms - pedicures, trendy clothes, babies in infant seats and strollers. It's almost like war - they line up on the benches on opposite sides of the play area to watch their children play. So I'm sitting there on the hippie mom side, off by myself, just watching everything going on. Two of the snob moms start talking crap about the dread locked mom - whom I happen to be acquainted with - you could see them talking about how gross they thought she was, etc. She of course is oblivious, playing with her toddler while carrying her 7 week old around in a sling. All the while, I'm sitting there nursing Cora, not letting it all hang out, but anyone who looked would be able to tell what we were doing. One of the moms pointed at me, then they made a few faces and chattered some more, obviously not approving of my feeding my daughter right there in front of them. As I sit here listening to how awful we are, one of the snob moms gets up, grabs her maybe 18 month old, drags him off into a corner, and spanks him for grabbing the hair of another small girl. Because, you know, beating a toddler is definitely the best way to teach him anything. Ugh. And then, the other snob mom proceeds to prop a bottle in the mouth of her baby who is crying in her carseat carrier thingy. WTF? They think they're so much better than us just because they have perfect flippin' toenails, and then do things like that?! Who's the better parent?


I hate snobs. Admittedly, I'm an attachment parenting snob in my own right. I just hate the typical, yuppie, preppy, holier-than-though manicured, high heel wearing snobs. I'm proud to be one of the wierd moms. :o)


jill said...


Some day, those snob moms will get what is coming to them. It's too mean for me to wish double ear infections from bottle feeding or buck teeth...but ya know, sometimes they just have it comin'!

Jan said...

Go ahead and be a snob...if you weren't that kind of snob, I wouldn't be hanging around your blog all the time.

Don't tell my son I told you, I nursed him until he was...old enough that he rode a 2 wheeler without training wheels and could make change for a dollar!

Don't let them get you down.

I'm not as mean as Jill...I just want to see them get hit in the head with a soccer ball.

Apryl said...

People have different parenting styles, and while I tend to lean more toward your style in most ways, I admit that everyone has the right to choose what they want their parenting style to be. But those like the women you described piss me off. Being rude and making fun of someone just because they do something differently than you do is not a good thing. Unfortunately, they will probably teach their kids to be condescending and rude to anyone "weird" too. I like that your a "weird" mom. By many opinions, so am I. Yay weird!!!