Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Why is it...

...that when one thing happens, a million things happen all at that same time? We had the most wonderfully relaxing afternoon. Cora took a three hour nap, which allowed time for Chloe and I to do some phonics work, make the craft from our trip to the library earlier and play dress up. I got almost a whole page scrapbooked plus a few rows of knitting and a chapter of my book read. Folded laundry, cleaned the fridge, made a grocery list, straightened up a bit.

Then a friend of Andrew's family stopped by to drop off a wedding gift, and ended up bringing some other wonderful goodies as well. While she was here looking at wedding pictures, Jessica came by with some friends from out of town to introduce us. Chloe immediately dragged Allysa off to play, Rhonda gave up on visiting and left, and I tried to entertain two people who obviously did not want to be here instead of making dinner like I should have been. So they left, and Chloe and I frantically tried to get potatoes in the oven to roast since we were starting half an hour late, while Cora screamed in her sling. All the while, Mark was calling but I wasn't hearing my phone ring, which of course made him mad. I'd completely forgotten Chloe was going to his house tonight. When I did answer, he said he was coming to get her and then hung up on me. So I got Chloe changed, and he came to get her.

Cora finally calmed down after some nursing and a soothing conversation about never marrying an asshole. Now dinner is ready, the baby is content, I'm sipping a glass of delicious merlot, and we're waiting for Andrew to get home. Things go from intense chaos to totally calm in a matter of minutes. Hopefully that's all the craziness for the night!

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