Sunday, November 11, 2007

All by myse-elf...

It's Sunday. Usually on Sunday Andrew and I take the girls over to my parents' house for breakfast in the morning. But Andrew left for what will possibly be a 24 hour day of work somewhere around 2 this morning, and my mom's going out of town to a horse driving show. Chloe's at Mark's house, so that means it's just the baby and me, all day long. I'll enjoy that till about early afternoon when I suddenly become bored and lonely and I won't know what to do with myself during the hours til bedtime.

I finished Cora's soaker:

Sorry for the crazy hands in the pic, she has a hard time holding them still anymore. :o)

Size 6 and 7 dpn's, Paton's SWS yarn (love, love, love this yarn. The colorways are awesome and it knits like a dream - it's soy and wool.)

Fern & Faerie's free soaker pattern, not really any changes to it, size small.


So we had Chloe's friends over again yesterday, this time to our house. They played in the leaves, they played outside, they played inside, it was great. Then came time for them to leave, and Chloe had a melt down. It wasn't just a normal melt down for her - it escalated into a screaming, hitting, scratching and biting herself kind of melt down. It was really awful. I was floored, she's never done that before. They do say 5 is the drama age, but wow. I hope this crap doesn't continue because it's exhausting for both of us. After it was all over, I convinced myself that I'm a failure as a mother because I have produced a child who acts like that. :o( I called her dad and told him what happened, in case he saw the marks on her face and arms and she told him "Mommy was mean to me." She has a scratch near her eye from her own fingernails being raked across her face, and she bit her arm so hard it nearly bled. I just wish I knew what I was supposed to do. Nothing I tried helped at all, she wouldn't stop. :::sigh::: parenting is so hard sometimes.

So I plan to spend today washing diapers, sewing more diapers, maybe knitting a bit on the Monkey socks again that I casted on last night, maybe scrapbooking a little, and possibly leaving the house to do some Christmas shopping. I have no idea what to get most of the people in my family, but I want to be done by the time Thanksgiving rolls around because I don't deal with crazy shopping people very well.

Okay, my baby is telling me she's ready for breakfast. Guess that's my cue!


jill said...

Oh, Julie. You are NOT a failure as a mother and Chloe's meltdown was not a by-product of your parenting. All kids have "fits" as my mil called them. For some, there is no obvious rhyme or reason, for others it is too much excitement, being tired, etc. If it happens again, try holding her in a gentle bear hug (her back to your tummy) and speak in a whisper-like voice to her. Tell her reassuring things while re-enforcing this is bad behavior. The lower/softer your voice is, the harder it is for her to hear you over her own voice and eventually, she'll realize she has to calm down to hear what you are saying. Don't ask me how I know. ;o)

Cora is growing so much!She looks adorable.

Frugal Finds said...

JUlie, My DD has gone through this too. It was so devastating to her that her friend leave that it ended in a meltdown. We found what worked best for us was to have talks before the friend came over about how they were only coming to play for a while and then they will have to go home. I explained that if you would like to have friends over again, you can not act like this. This really worked for her. Hang in there!!
Great pics!!