Monday, November 12, 2007

He's mine again

After two weeks of working, Andrew's off again this week - yay!

Yesterday was a very, very long day spent waiting for him to get home. I went to K-Mart, a place I don't frequent, and found a Barbie car on sale for Chloe's Christmas, and a fairy princess costume that was 90% off, so I paid $3 for it. It'll be good in the box of dress up stuff I plan to give her for Christmas or her birthday as well. Went to Target and got a Baby Einstein video for Cora, a few little stocking stuffers (I love the $1 spot there) and got a cat toy and some cat treats. Yes, we're getting a kitten. Oy. I promised Chloe in January that when she turned 5 she could get a kitten. She hasn't forgotten that promise, so it looks like we'll be getting a new addition come January. I figured I'd get her some kitty stuff and wrap it up for her birthday. Should be interesting to see how the Dog Who Hates Cats handles sharing her beloved family with one of the little furballs.

I also stopped by Joann's and got some new sewing machine needles since my last one just broke, a can of air, and a lightbulb for my machine. I haven't had a working light bulb in my sewing machine in years - I just never think to get one when I'm out. I cleaned up my sewing machine, took it all apart and oiled it and put in the new lightbulb. It's like a whole new machine now. I've taken to sewing diapers using old t-shirts. Andrew is a collector of t-shirts and has WAY too many, so he's getting rid of some of the old ones. I'm cutting them up and making fitted diapers with them. Using those instead of new fabric, it takes the cost of fitted diapers down to about 50 cents each, maybe less if I get remnant flannel, as I've still be using flannel for the outers. And the old t-shirts are very absorbant!

I spent some time looking at the Two Peas website yesterday, getting new ideas for my scrapbooks. So now my little brain is going a million miles an hour with fun ideas and techniques to try. Problem is, I'm almost out of pictures to scrap - ack! I'm actually pretty caught up. I finally scrapped one of the pictures from Cora's birth. I have a hard time with pics like that because they are so special to me, I want their pages to be just as special. I also need to print out our wedding and reception pictures, and I'd like to make a little 8x8 album of them.

Today will be spent going to ballet class, hopefully cleaning up the front yard and porch, and hanging out and enjoying my man a little bit, since he's worked so much lately I feel like I've hardly seen him.

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