Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Well, that took long enough.

The Andrew sweater is finally finished. It could've been done a week ago except I didn't have a tapestry needle to finish it with. I couldn't tell you how many hours of knitting that is - lots - and I'm so glad it's finished.

Pattern: The Man Sweater (It's a free pattern from LionBrand, but you have to register to see it.)
Yarn: Lionbrand Jiffy Thick & Quick in denim, 10 balls
Needles: size 11 and 13. As Jill said, it's a bit like knitting with logs.

Overall, I don't love it, but it does look pretty good on him. It's got raglan sleeves, but they were knitted separately and seamed together. I'd rather just knit it in one piece. The turtleneck is HUGE on it, which I guess is the style, but I could've made it shorter. I actually did a different neck the first time 'round, not following the pattern, and the result was pretty goofy looking. The cable pattern looks good, but is utterly boring once you're past the first four rows.

We'll see if he wears it. I told him he better... sweaters break people up, ya know? :oP

So after ripping my sock the other night, and not getting it casted back on right away, I've decided to make another soaker for Cora, as she really does kind of need them. At least that's something that does get a lot of use. It's funny, I knit SO many things, and hardly any of them get used much. Socks and soakers really are pretty much all that do. I do have a couple of hats I've made that I wear pretty often, and a few scarves, but that's about it. And I force Chloe to wear her sweater occasionally, even though she hates it. If I knit anything else for that child, I'm letting her pick out her own yarn, and it better be chenille because I'm so sick of the "It's itchy!" complaint. LOL But yeah, it seems like everything else turns out less than perfect, and I just put it on the shelf and never wear it again. I should go back and rip stuff out instead of buying new yarns.

So anyhow, I'm gonna go get my second cup of coffee and scrapbook for a few minutes before the girls wake up. I love this time of morning - it's actually quiet!

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jill said...

Beautiful sweater!
Now, if I still had my wits about me, I would give you directions on converting a pattern knit flat into knit in the round but my wits fled the planet along with my girlish figure and smooth skin. Maybe Jan can tell's not hard, that much I do remember.