Friday, November 23, 2007

It starts.

I have never gone out early on Black Friday before. I hate people, and I hate large groups of them. I would rather avoid the crowds than save a few bucks. I had every intention of staying home, making breakfast for my family, and avoiding all those crazy people.

And then, I saw the Michael's ad. My mom called me before 5 am. I got up at 6 and went to Michael's. I got some cool stuff - an $80 scrapbook tote for $20, some of my beloved Paton's SWS yarn, an art kit to be stored away for a rainy day, a 1500 piece scrapbook kit, and some little 'toobs' of animals for Chloe's stocking. I got some pretty good deals, I was happy. I also went to Lowes with my mom where she bought a playhouse for Chloe. It's way cute. I was home by 7:00. No way would I go to anything of those other crazy stores, but going to those two was kinda fun.

So we spent the last couple hours cleaning up the house. Chloe's home now, so we're gonna start dragging out the Christmas decorations. I love the day after Thanksgiving - Christmas is my absolute favorite. We're probably not gonna do anything at all today except decorate inside and out for the holidays. :-)

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