Friday, November 9, 2007

Cooking School

I went to the Taste of Home Cooking School last night with my mom. She's gone a few times, but this was my first. It was basically one big commercial mixed with a TV cooking show. It was alright. Not sure if I'd go again or not, but it was interesting enough, I suppose.

It kind of wasn't worth the stress of getting out of the house. Poor Cora was screaming and crying and was very upset while I was trying to get ready, which resulted in me not really being ready. Andrew came home in just enough time for me to race out the door and get there, which meant I left him with the screaming child. Thankfully she went to sleep fairly quickly for him and didn't really wake up. It's easier to just stay home though - I'm just not into going out and doing things in the evenings anymore.

There were some yummy recipes that they did though, and we got a cookbook (really more of a magazine) for attending. I might make something this weekend from it just to try it out. Funny though, all those cooking shows make things look so easy when they do it, but when a real person tries it, usually you end up with something not nearly so tasty for a lot more work. I wish I had someone there to wash all the dishes I made, and everything neatly organized into little bowls so I didn't have to measure. LOL

So yesterday ended up being utterly fruitless as far as getting things done. I grocery shopped, went downtown and bought a few Christmas presents for the girls (only one more for Chloe, two more for Cora, and I'm done with them!) I made a medium sized diaper pattern and sewed one diaper before Cora got bored just sitting there in her bouncer next to me. I knitted a dozen or so rows on the soaker I'm trying to get done. I got all the laundry caught up, though it isn't folded yet. The house was all neat and clean and looked so nice before I left for the grocery store in the morning. By last night, it looked like I hadn't cleaned it in a week. I need to learn to clean up as I go instead of doing it all at once. My craft room resembles the aftermath of a tornado.

My goal today is to clean it up - it's really, really bad. I also want to bake brownies with Chloe, hopefully take the girls to the park to play with the kids from down the street (and maybe knit more on the soaker while we're there), fold all my clean laundry, and possibly walk to the nearby grocery store to get a few things that are on sale and the ingredients for one of the recipes I saw last night that looked really yummy. We'll see how much I accomplish!

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Frugal Finds said...

I always wanted to go to one of those Taste of Home cooking classes!! I am glad to hear your point of view on it!