Wednesday, November 21, 2007

A great idea

We went to see Santa today. Chloe informed him that she would like more Littlest Pet Shop toys, and that Cora wants a toy robot. He asked if she liked dolls. She said she did, and he said he liked them too and thought they were great toys.

As we were leaving the mall, she was asking me questions about Santa, his reindeer, the elves, etc. I am a devout believer in Santa, and answered all her questions as best I could. She said "I'd really like to have a reindeer for a pet at our house." Then she exclaimed "I have an idea! I need to talk to Santa Clause!" and she turned to run back to him. I stopped her and asked her why.

"Because I'm going to ask him if he'll trade one of my dolls for his reindeer!"


To all who have asked me about blogging lately - yes, I'm alright. Sorry I haven't blogged for awhile. Kind of dealing with a lot of personal stuff and have been sort of preoccupied, but I'll start back up again soon. Thanks for your emails and messages.

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Tricia said...

I am so glad to see you post.. I was about to send you a message if I didn't see something by Thursday. Happy Thanksgiving I hope things start to look up for you!